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Bitcoin Blackjack

Over the last few decades, card games have been most of the most popular played at casinos. Over the last 20 years, there has been a switch from people playing from physically based locations to the online world. Now the industry is moving forward yet again with the introduction of Bitcoin Blackjack along with all the other traditional casino games.

In this article, we will explain the pros and cons of using cryptocurrency against traditional fiat based currencies. Our team is built up of crypto and casino experts to help players reap the rewards of our knowledge and experience.

BTC Blackjack

You may be surprised to hear that there are not many differences between the two different types of currency based casino operators. The main difference is when it comes to deposits and withdrawals by the player.

If you have ever used a FIAT based casino in the past, you will know it can take weeks to get your winnings along with a large transaction fee. Using BTC blackjack casinos you do not have this problem as the financial transaction as instant and are almost no cost.

Are BTC Blackjack Casinos Legal?

With most industries, you will always find rogue operators which are there to try to get your money. Our free bitcoin casino no deposit bonus site carries out full and extensive research on every company we allow to offer promotions through. By using one of the BTC bonuses or promotions on our website you are certain to be dealing with a reputable provider.

Bitcoin Casino Returns

There are a large number of different crypto games available that have as little as a 1% edge. It means that they only make one percent profit from all the transactions that happen at their BTC Casino. With zero financial transfer costs the returns paid by bitcoin casinos tend to be higher than traditionally based operators.

Bitcoin Casino Blackjack Bonuses

Our site is here to help players find the best BTC Blackjack bonus offers so they can claim free Bits to play card games online. Later on, we will discuss in further details the different types of offers, rewards and free crypto that you can find on our website.

Bitcoin Blackjack Free Bonus

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Live Bitcoin Casino Blackjack Dealers

Live casino sites have been around for the last decade, it happens as soon as the internet speed got fast enough for live streaming to happen. Casinos were one of the first to use this to their advantage and they are one of the most popular aspects of the sites. BitCasino sites have followed and now you can play Live Bitcoin Casino Blackjack at most of the top crypto gaming websites.

Best Bitcoin Blackjack Strategy

There are many different strategies you will find online for any casino card game but 99% are rubbish and should be avoided. BTC Blackjack is a game of luck and it all depends on if you are dealt good or bad cards. The best and only strategy to beat the house is by using a Bitcoin Bonus found on our site.

Gambling without using your own money or getting lots of free cryptos when you deposit is the greatest way to profit when playing.

BTC Blackjack Rules Explained

The reason Blackjack is so popular is due to how easy it is to learn. Within a short time scale, you will fully grasp the rules and understand what is needed to win. Below we go into details about everything you need to know before your try your luck at the tables.

Blackjack is one of the easiest games involving cards for players to learn. If you are playing more than one hand at a time, it can become more complicated. If you are new at the game you are best sticking to playing one hand at a time and small bets until you get used to it.

The aim of Bitcoin Blackjack is to get to 21 or as close as you can without going over that amount. The players are all pitted against the dealer who deals the cards.

BTC Betting Rounds

Your Bitcoins will automatically transfer into chips to use to place bets. You decide the amount and you want to gamble and the corresponding amount is placed in what is called “The Betting Box

There is a number of different types of Crypto Blackjack so depending on which site you are playing at there will be slightly different rules. Most websites allow players to play 1 up to 5 different hands at a time. Once you have placed all your bets on in the betting box of the hands you are playing, you simply hit the deal button.

How Bitcoin Blackjack Dealing Works

  • Once you have pressed the deal button, a single card dealt with all the players partaking in the game.
  • The dealer deals clockwise and then at the end will deal a card for himself which players can see.
  • A second card will then be dealt in the same way apart from the dealer’s second card is not dealt until all the players have finished betting.
  • The players do not know what his score is and the last man on the table can make a huge difference if he takes or does not take a card.
  • The idea of the game is to beat the score of the dealer so know what he has as a first card, should decide your strategy going forward.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

How The Cards Are Valued

Once the deal process is complete it is time to add up the value of the cards you have been dealt. The value of Bitcoin Blackjack card values are:

  •     Aces = 11 or 1 point
  •     Tens Face cards = 10 points
  •     Numbered Cards = the value of their face

The Best Way to Play Cryptocurrency Blackjack

By sticking to a simple strategy and making sure that you stay with it, is the best way to play cryptocurrency Blackjack online. When you make irrational bets, the chances are high that you will lose.

The most important thing to remember that 21 is the highest total you can score but if you go over that amount you lose. It is not just the players that lose when going over this amount but also the dealer if they score above 21.The best pair of cards you can receive is a face or ten cards along with an ace. This is called “Blackjack” which the game is named after and you are guaranteed to win.

Making The Right Decisions When Playing Bitcoin Blackjack

With BTC Blackjack all the games are based online. You have a time limit to make your choices or you have to stick with the cards you have and can not draw down another. That is why it can be difficult if you decide to play more than one hand at a time. You have to do the math quickly so you can work out if your best odds are drawing another card or not.

Bitcoin Casino Blackjack Hand Options

There are five different terms you need to understand when playing BTC Blackjack cards games online. These are the different options you need to choose once you have been dealt two cards by the dealer. Below we explain the terms in more detail:


The term hit means that a player wishes to take an extra card to the two that he was originally deal by the dealer. Players do this when they have a low score or have split their cards which we will explain next. If the player takes the second card and their score goes over 21 they are bust and out of the game.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.


When you are dealt two cards that have an equal value, you then have the decision if want to split the cards up into two separate hands. If you are dealt the same value card again on one or both of the hands you can split again if you wish. Most Bitcoin Casinos allow players up to 4 re-splits.


The most common used Bit Blackjack term is to stand. It means that the player is happy with the cards they have been dealt and do not want any further cards.


Once you have received your first two cards, you can choose if you want to double your bet to get one more card. If you double your bet, you are only allowed one single card and are not allowed to draw others. Doubling down when you have a total score of between 10 or 11 is a common used Bitcoin Blackjack Strategy. It should only be used though when the dealer has a bad hand such as 4 or 5.


A number of Crypto blackjack games all a player to surrender the hand that they were dealt. It means they are no longer in the game and the house pays out half of the stake initially bet. If you have a bad score such as 14 or 15 and the dealer has an Ace or 10 cards, surrendering can be a great option as the odds are not in your favor to win.

Bitcoin Dealers Draw

Once each of the players has received two cards and the dealer one along with all the bets placed, all eyes are on the dealer. They will draw their own hand and have to continue drawing cards until the score reaches 17. Once they dealer’s score is 18 or up to 21, they have to stand.If the BTC dealer goes over 21 all the players that are still in the game win.

The only time that this rule does not come into play is when one of the cards the dealer draws is an Ace. Due to the fact that these can be classed as 1 or 11, if counting the card as a 1 makes the score below 18 the dealer is allowed to take a further card until they surpass this number or go bust.

Blackjack Insurance Policy

You are able to take out a Bit Blackjack insurance policy when the dealer is dealt an ace for their first card. Players who take out the insurance are protecting their wager against a blackjack from the dealer. When an Ace card is drawn from a pack of 8 shuffled card decks, a blackjack will happen approximately 30% of the time.

Most Bitcoin Casino sites will pay out around 2 to 1 for players who take up the insurance option. Professional players do not tend to use this often much due to the blackjack mathematics proving that over a period the player would be worse off if they used this method.

Bitcoin Blackjack Payouts

All BTC Casino sites pay out even money on Bitcoin Blackjack card games when the player beats the score of the dealer without going bust. So if you were to bet 1 BTC and you won, the return would be 1 BTC profit along with your initial bet amount.

There is one exception to this rule which is when a player is dealt Blackjack. When this situation happens the odds payable are 3 to 2. So if you were to bet 1 BTC your profit would be 2 BTC along with your first bet amount.

Push Situations

One of the most common occurrences is called a push situation in blackjack. It happens when the dealer and a player have the same points score once all the deals have been made. In this situation, you do not win or lose the amount that you bet initially or it can be rolled over to the next play. There are no exceptions to this rule and the same occurs when the dealer and player have both drawn blackjacks.

What is the best score for Cryptocurrency Blackjack games?

The best hand you can be dealt is a 10 card along with an ace which is classed as Blackjack and cannot be beaten. Even if a player manages to score 21 with multiple card draws, Blackjack still wins.

Bitcoin Blackjack Codes

A Bitcoin Casino Code is a promotional offer that is available through specialist websites like ourselves. We have them available for all types of crypto games like; Blackjack, Baccarat, Bitcoin Dice, Slots, Poker, 3DCasinos and every type you can imagine.

Bitcoin Blackjack No Deposit Bonus

The best type of promotion to use if you are new or a professional crypto gambler is the Bitcoin Blackjack No Deposit Bonus codes. These give the player with zero risks as all the Bits you receive are completely free. These are provided to new players to attract them to trail the casinos offering them as incentives.

Bitcoin Blackjack Welcome Bonus

If you carried out a search for cryptocurrency casinos, you would get thousands of results back. Our site carries out research on all the providers and only offer the best Bitcoin Blackjack Welcome Bonus codes from reputable operators. These promos are claimed by players who sign up to a new site they have not been a member of before.

Bitcoin Blackjack Matched Deposit

Once you have tried a number of BTC casinos and you find one that you enjoy most playing, you can still claim promotions through our site. We have all kinds of different promo codes but the most popular for players who like to use is the Bitcoin Blackjack Matched Deposit Bonus. The Crypto casino operator will deposit into your account up to 300% or more in free Bits of the total you deposited with them.

FAQ – Bitcoin Blackjack

Are there bitcoin blackjack with faucet available?

If you visit a blockchain-based gaming platform that has bitcoin blackjack available, the chances are that you will find a BTC faucet. You will find a list of sites located on our website that all have faucets that you can use to get free credits to gamble with.

How does bitcoin blackjack work?

The rules of blackjack are the same no matter if it is bitcoin or real money that you are gambling with. Players are pitted against the casino and dealt with two cards. The game aims to get to 21 or as close as possible without going bust.

How to win bitcoin playing blackjack?

There are two different ways you can win bitcoin by playing blackjack and guarantee that you do not lose any BTC. The first is by using our no deposit bonus codes and the second is by using blockchain-based platforms that have a faucet attached.

What are bitcoin blackjack bonus terms?

The bonus terms for bitcoin blackjack games are different depending on which promotion you wish to redeem. It is why you must visit the terms and conditions page of the bonus before you sign up for the reward so that you know exactly what agreement your entering into.

What’s the best bitcoin blackjack casino?

The best blackjack casino depends on your personal playing preference. If you want to play live dealer games, we recommend you visit Bitstarz as it has the biggest jackpots and competitions around. If you want the best odds then OneHash is a great option as it uses the blockchain to provide enhanced player benefits along with having a faucet attached.

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