Trust Dice Free Tokens – TrustDice.Win Coupon Codes July 2020
Trust Dice Free Tokens – TrustDice.Win Coupon Codes July 2020

Trust Dice Bonus Code

There are several ways to get free tokens at Trust Dice which is a unique platform built on the eos blockchain. The first way is by earning them by playing as when you do this the clever system mines tokens and adds reward points for doing so in a player’s account. The aim is to accumulate points to reach levels and there are 10 in total. These points will provide VIP benefits such as cashback in the form of points which can be as high as 0.2% per bet.

The second way to get Trust Dice free tokens in July 2020 is by using the platforms attached EOS faucet. This is available to players to use once every 6 hours and even though the amounts are small, it offers a great way to try and make a small profit along with enjoying playing the game as well. The platform also gives away 500 EOS every single day, so simply being a member can be extremely rewarding.

TrustDice Coupons

Why Play At Trust Dice Platform

The Trust Dice free token faucet gives all players a chance to win without having to deposit so there is no risk to your finances to try playing the game. Its proprietary token created using the EOS blockchain can be earned by playing games. Its state of the art mining system generates coins for all that provide power when they play. It is simple to understand and with almost a zero house edge rate, you have the best chance ever to win.

TrustDice TXT tokens

The TXT tokens that are earned through playing dice games and other tasks can be exchanged for other cryptos or traded. There are lots of different options to purchase the tokens and the more you own the greater the rewards will be. This is due to the amazing dividends program that offers a return to those that buy and hold the tokens on the platform.

All of the TXT tokens earned at the platform can instantly be exchanged into BTC or EOS. These can then be used to purchase more tokens, place bets, or exchange for real money or another cryptocurrency. The platform maintains several social media profiles where players can join in along with finding exclusive Trust Dice coupon codes for freerolls and more.

Trust Dice Bonus Code

Why Choose Trust Dice

TrustDice is one of the most advanced gaming platforms in the world and uses the latest EOS blockchain technology to provide a glimpse into the future of online gambling. You will get blockchain-based provably fair results, free tokens via faucets and giveaways, huge EOS bonuses along with daily dividend payments which are far greater than you will find at any traditional online casino. The most important thing, however, is that the odds are a lot more in your favor and you nearly have an equal chance with the house of winning which can not be said for any other gambling game.


No gambling platform is worth playing without the backup of great support. This is one area that the team of TrustDice does not let players down on as they are available 24/7. There are lots of options available including live support and Telegram.

Final Thoughts

All of the games have provably fair technology that uses the server seed along with client seed to produce the random number. This is all carried out in a decentralized environment so results can not be altered along with data available for all to see and carry out checks. All of this can be verified by third-party tools to ensure 100% accuracy and fairness. This is a great EOS dice and casino platform that is well worth visiting.

Trust Dice FAQ

Is Trust Dice any good?

Trust Dice is one of the most advanced gambling platforms in the world that uses the power of the EOS blockchain to provide player benefits never seen before. These include dividend payments just for taking part along with free TrustDice tokens via the faucet which you will not find at any traditional online casino.

Can you withdraw the Trust Dice bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw the Trust Dice bonus via the faucet. This can be paid out in BTC or EOS and you are free to cash out at any time once you meet the minimum payout amount.

Is Trust Dice beatable?

Yes, Trust Dice is one of the few gambling platforms where you can guarantee to be a winner. Simply use the faucet to get free tokens to gamble with and then keep hold of these so you receive dividend payments. This can all be done without having to make a single deposit.

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