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Everything You Need To Know About Bitvest Online Casino in 2022, including bonuses. Find out if it Is legit? Is it fair? Are there any no-deposit bonuses? Read our in-depth review to find the answers to all these questions and more.

Bitvest is an online casino with a difference. Unlike most casinos, where you play against a house and all profits go to this entity, at Bitvest you can become a part of the house and take a share of the potential profits (and also the losses) involved.

Established in 2017, Bitvest does not currently hold a license anywhere, which is often a worrying sign in the world of online casinos as it means they are not subject to any checks or audits to ensure they adhere to any laws or standards involved in the casino industry, such as fairness and RTP (return to player).

They do, however, display a badge from the Crypto Gambling Foundation claiming to be a verified operator, and with ways to prove fairness, the warning signs stop flashing. I have also heard no reports of anyone being treated unfairly by this casino.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

At first glance, there isn’t much to this site. With only 6 playable games, it isn’t likely to wow many casino veterans, as many other online casinos host thousands of games in their libraries. Also, the site is only available in English, which means an international user base is unlikely.

That being said, they are host to a wide variety of unique features, including their own, in-house altcoin, that makes this casino stand out in a world of cardboard cutouts.

So, if you’re interested in joining one of the most riveting casinos on the web, then read our review to find all the information you need to get the most out of this platform.

What Are The Game Offerings?

Bitvest Promo Code

As mentioned above, the selection of games at Bitvest is very sparse indeed, hosting only six games in its library: Dice, Keno, Slots, Roulette, BitSpin, and Plinko. While all the games are decently made-and all are made in-house-they do offer limited fun and you will tire very quickly.

The dice game is a good way to fill your wallet, as multipliers go up to the millions, but graphically it lacks any real flair.

BitSpin is essentially a wheel of fortune-type game, but with few options.

The Roulette game is fine and is played in the European style with only one green spot. However, the graphics are boring and leave much to be desired.

Plinko is similar to the penny drop games I used to enjoy in arcades as a kid. Graphically, this game is OK and can also pay out massive amounts of cash.

The slots game is very basic, with five reels and up to 20 pay lines available. It is a nice addition that all the pictures on the reels are cryptocurrencies.

Keno, once again, is a very basic version. Simply pick some numbers and hope they appear.

All the games can be played in various colors (Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue, and Purple). These change the multipliers and the odds of winning. Red means higher multipliers and lower chances of winning, whereas Purple gives better odds of winning but lower payouts.

Do They Host Live Casino Games?

A feature common to many online casinos these days is the ability to play games that are broadcast live from a real casino. However, this feature is not available on Bitvest.

Can I Bet on Sports or eSports?

Many online casinos these days have also bridged the gap between casinos and bookkeepers, offering both casino games and sports betting. Bitvest, however, does not seem interested in this crossover. 

Can Bitvest Prove the Fairness of Their Games?

One redeeming factor of Bitvest casino is that, as all the games are created in-house, they can prove the fairness of all these offerings. This is done by offering the seeds and hashes of each round, with the option to request new seeds, proving that the results of any round can not be manipulated or judged by either the player or the casino.

For this information, simply click the button labeled ‘Verification’ that is displayed on the left-hand side of the taskbar during all the games. For more information, you can read their post about provable fairness here.

Bitvest states that the RTP (return to player) of their games is between 97% and 99%, which is fairly high for the industry. The house edges of all the games tend to be around 1.7, except for dice, where the house edge is merely 1%.

Do They Offer A Welcome Bonus?

A feature that is sadly missing from Bitvest is a welcome bonus. Online casinos usually utilize these to entice new users to their platform, often offering either free spins, free usable cash, or deposit bonuses. Bitvest does not offer new users anything and, so, sadly, it might miss out on many potential players.

Are There Any Other Promotions Available?

A great feature of Bitvest is its crypto faucet. This can be activated every 90 minutes, provided your account has less than 200 tokens (TOK) and offers users a varying amount of playable funds. This means you can enjoy all the games on Bitvest without ever depositing any real money. Sometimes, Bitvest gives out free bonus codes which you can use to receive more money from the faucet.

This faucet may only be used 15 times in one hour or no more than 40 times in a day, and you must have a ‘full account’ to be able to use it. Creating a full account is easy, however, and simply requires you to create a username and password (when you sign up, Bitvest will give you an ‘instant account’ with a randomly selected username).

TOK is an altcoin developed by Bitvest for use exclusively with their casino. Usually, you will receive around 100-200 TOK from the faucet, but this number can go up to 50 million TOK in the higher levels (more on the levels system later). If you manage to acquire over 25,000 TOKs, then you may exchange them for Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

A new feature is that they now offer daily and weekly tournaments, offering the top three users cash prizes or higher payouts from the faucet. Wager more on any of the games to earn points and move up the leaderboard.

Players can also use a feature called the RainBot, which offers a small amount of cash to users currently active in the chatbox. High rollers may use this feature to celebrate a big win.

Strictly 18+ ONLY. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsibly. Sponsored.

Is There A VIP Club?

While Bitvest does not offer a VIP Club per se, there is a level system that can offer higher payouts from the faucet and tournaments, alongside some exclusive bonuses available in the higher tiers. In total, there are 28 levels for you to rise through.

To level up, you simply need to wager real cash. Once you have wagered 0.01 BTC (or equivalent), you will reach level 1. Once here, you will be eligible to receive cash from the rain feature.

You will need to wager 5,000 BTC (or equivalent) to reach the highest level, beyond which is level 28, simply titled Top Bettor. To reach this level, you must have wagered more than anyone else ever at Bitvest.

What Is The Investment Feature All About?

In my opinion, the best feature of Bitvest is that you can invest in the casino itself and take a share of any profit that has been made. Investors take a share of 66% of the casino’s earnings, with the rest going to the casino itself to pay for site upkeep, keeping the faucet filled up, and offering VIP bonuses to high rollers and big spenders.

However, as with any investment, there is a risk associated with investing in Bitvest. If the site makes a loss, then so do you! If any users get lucky with a big win while you have money invested, you will lose a percentage of your cash.

You can also add margins to your investment up to 5x. This means that, if the casino does well, you will earn 5x your investment, and if they do badly, you will lose 5x the amount.

Are There Any Wagering Requirements?

Bitvest No Deposit Bonus
Screen Shot of Bitvest Blockchain Casino.

Unlike most casinos on the internet, there are no wagering requirements at Bitvest. You may withdraw your cash whenever you like. This is partly due to the lack of bonuses. Any TOK you receive from the faucet must be wagered enough to reach 25,000 TOK before you can exchange it for other altcoins, so this may be considered a wagering requirement.

Licensed casinos usually require any deposit to be wagered at least once before a withdrawal can be requested to comply with international laws regarding money laundering. However, as an unlicensed casino, Bitvest does not need to comply with this law.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Bitvest accepts payment in five of the leading altcoins: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and DOGE, along with their personalized coin TOK, which is only available on this platform and can not be withdrawn in this form.

Payment can be made quickly and easily by copying and pasting your unique code into your crypto wallet and entering the amount you would like to deposit. Funds will be available in your account instantly. Withdrawing cash is also straightforward, and is essentially the same process in reverse.

Are There Deposit or Withdrawal Limits?

Unlike many online casinos, there is no minimum deposit required at Bitvest, and you may deposit any amount, however small, in any of the available currencies. There is also no maximum deposit limit, and, as far as I am aware, no minimum or maximum withdrawal.

How Do I Know My Money Is Safe In Bitvest?

Bitvest stores the majority of its users’ cash in a ‘cold wallet.’ This is essentially an external hard drive that acts as a a‘safe’ for cryptocurrencies. Storing your money offline means it is not sensitive to hackers or other threats.

Bitvest only stores a minimal amount of cash in their ‘hot wallet’ (online wallet) in case a user requests a withdrawal.

Can I Remain 100% Anonymous?

One of the best features of using cryptocurrencies is that you can remain 100% anonymous. As mentioned above, when you create an account, Bitvest will give you a randomly selected username. You can change this whenever you’d like to something preferable, and this makes your account a ‘full account’.

No other information is requested, other than your email. As no transactions are made with regular, fiat currencies, Bitvest has no access to any of your personal information.

What Is The Site’s Usability?

Bitvest isn’t exactly one of the prettiest casinos on the internet. At first glance, everything seems rather overcrowded and cluttered, with many icons and buttons covering a lot of the games. Also, there is always a game open. You can not stop this, and all the requested pages, such as depositing and reading terms and conditions, either appear in a narrow box on the left side of the screen or take you to another window entirely.

The operators of Bitvest seem to have very limited knowledge of the human race and what excites us, as the general theme of the site is very boring, with lots of wordiness in basic Arial text. Even the games seem rather dull, with minimal colors and themes. I usually hate it when casinos try to use too much glitz, color, and light to make their games feel more exciting, but here a bit of color would be massively appreciated!

Users have the option of ‘dark’ or ‘light’ themes for this casino. I much prefer the dark theme, as it feels vaguely more professional than the boring light theme.

All in all, the graphics of this site feel less like a casino and more like a Microsoft word document, or a slideshow made by a schoolchild.

There is a chatbox feature available, which lets you chat with other active users and receive rain.

Can I Use Bitvest On My Mobile or Tablet?

As if the site wasn’t bad enough to use on a PC, it has become even harder to access the platform from your mobile phone. There is no app available for download, so you will have to access it through the browser. However, there is not much done to the site to make it more accessible on smaller screens and trying to navigate it becomes extremely difficult.

Also, the games themselves are difficult to play, as there is a lot of scrolling to try to find where your bet is and how many coins you have in your account.

How Can I Get In Touch If I Have A Problem?

In general, you can get help from the chatbox as there is usually a moderator active who can refer you to an administrator or operator. However, if you’re not in a rush, or don’t want your problem known to all active users, you can send an email to [email protected], or you can submit a ‘ticket’ for a faster response.

There is no option to contact customer support via telephone.


Overall, Bitvest casino leaves me feeling very underwhelmed. With only six playable games, all of which seem poorly created, the fun runs out quickly. However, the odds on all the games are very good, with a high RTP and low house edges, meaning you stand a higher chance of winning than at other online casinos.

The crypto faucet is a cool addition, allowing you to play the games without ever making a deposit. And, if you play your cards right, you could even exchange your free TOK for other altcoins, meaning you can make money from nothing.

Standing out as the best feature of this site is the option of investing. This can offer passive income for a lifetime. However, just like all investments, this comes with risks, so be careful with your deposits.

With no welcome bonuses available, and no regular promotions beyond the tournaments and the faucet, Bitvest isn’t likely to win over many new users to the platform. That being said, high rollers and big spenders will most likely enjoy the lack of deposit and withdrawal limits. Also, crypto millionaires will be pleased to see that Bitvest accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

The customer service is rather slow, and with no phone line, it can be difficult to get customized support if you have an issue the moderators can not help with.

Overall, my main qualms with this casino come from the poor graphics and badly laid out website. These are, of course, strictly aesthetics and do not alter the gameplay in any way. If you are OK with this, then Bitvest is a decent site with some cool, unique features. If they only added some more games, then it would score much higher with me.

BitVest FAQ

Is BitVest beatable?

Yes, one of the best things about the Bitvest platform is that it provides all players with a chance to beat it. It encourages it by offering free bitcoins to players via faucet and chat so they can gamble without making a deposit, therefore, they can not lose.

Is BitVest any good?

Bitvest is a blockchain games platform that offers new ways for gamblers to earn profits along with only having provably fair titles, It has done a good job of achieving this and is highly recommended by players.

Do BitVest have no deposit bonuses available?

Yes, there are many ways to get free bitcoin with no deposit terms at BitVest. You can use the faucet or take part in chat to receive free rewards that can be redeemed at the site.

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