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OneHash Mutual Bitcoin Betting

OneHash is a platform made by bitcoin enthusiasts for sports and esports fans and more. It gives double bonus up to 0.1 BTC for the first deposit paid in tranches of 10% of each bet made on the website with multiplier higher than x1.100. You can find all kinds of sports on the service as well as some special events like “Will Donald Trump leave office by the end of 2017” as well as users can propose their own bets to be added to the website through a special form online. Most of all, is based on a peer-to-peer system so users play with each other and not against “the house”.

How does mutual Bitcoin betting work?

For example in a big boxing fight many users bet on each of them or for a draw. All of those bets count towards the pool that (-5%) is won by those who picked the outcome of the fight correctly. The same applies to all other sports, markets and special events.

OneHash Dice and Options

With OneHash you can play a provably fair dice game to that you can get faucet as well as you can bet on binary options for various pairs of cryptocurrencies.

OneHash Dice Bonus

OneHash Bet Categories

At OneHash users can find all kinds of events including markets where users can bet for the price of various commodities as well as for sports, esports and special events. Go see for yourself at

OneHash Promo

You can find daily Bitcoin Mutual Betting options to choose from and if you need money to gamble with you can get it for free !! All you need to do is to use the Faucet on the site to get BTC to bet with risk-free.

OneHash Promo

OneHash Security

The service is using best practices to give safe and fun experience to our users.

OneHash Support

Contact with OneHash is very easy, since there is a support team waiting for your questions!

OneHash Affiliate Program

Become OneHash affiliate, gain access to promotional materials and share your referral link to get 1% of starting commission from bets that users make! Get access to a clear dashboard where you can track your earnings and follow updates on our website for new information on bonuses and updates!

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