Why It Is Better To Use Casinos That Accept Cryptocurrency Rather Than Any Other Currency
Why It Is Better To Use Casinos That Accept Cryptocurrency Rather Than Any Other Currency
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Casinos That Accept Cryptocurrency

There are many reasons why Casinos not using Cryptocurrency technology do not want to change which is a short sighted hope that people will just accept what they say is true and not shop around to know the truth.

Just a few years ago before the internet, we would all stay with the bank we first signed up with. We would accept how much our insurance company said we had to pay. Gas and electric telephone tv it was all just accepted because there was no competition without scrawling through yellow pages and many hours of trying to see if you could get a better deal.

Then things changed big style due to the internet. Along came comparison sites and as with supermarkets people started to look around for the bargains. With one click you could check if the deal you were offered was the best one for you. It has revolutionized the way we shop and even governments urge people to go online do a comparison to get the best deal they can. Indeed it can change your finances dramatically.

The same is true for Cryptocurrency. It was designed to put people in charge of their own finances which is the opposite of what well-established money making corporations want. What they do want is to put them in charge rather than you. They do this from the moment you approach them. They ask you to fill in forms giving them all the information they need to know everything about you. It would be naive to think that everything is kept secret and safe. Look at what happened with sites like Talk Talk and Ashley Maddison. Your bank will know and monitor your spend even though they will not admit it. Once signed up and ready to play the idea will be to keep you as a customer as long as possible.

So what happens when you win. There will be no instant payouts. Transfer fees deposit fees will eat away at your winnings when you finally have them transferred which can take a while. You will pay for these not the Casino.

Honest Casinos That Accept Crypto

Once you have found a good honest Casino that accepts Cryptocurrency then you will find a big difference in the way you are treated. Cashouts are paid instantly so you can get access to your winnings right away. You are in charge not only of your money but of your security and safety whilst online. The house odds will be better as Casinos using BTC technology have provably fair technology as they want to keep you as a valued customer who understands they are not there to rip you off but to enhance your entertainment and enjoyment.

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