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Casual Investors Can Now Get Involved In The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Craze Easily


Investing In Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Since the financial crisis back in 2008 it has been very hard for investors to find investment that offer a good return. One exception to this is Cryptocurrency which is going from strength to strength in recent year and in 2017 it is experiencing a bull market.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are leading the way but other smaller Cryptocurrency are also performing well.

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What makes the boom in price surprising is that the big money from financial institutions and pension funds have not invested so far. Once they start pouring their money in Blockchain related business the price will shoot up in value. Due to the fact that these organizations have not yet invested it has limited the access to this investment.

In recent weeks a number of exchange traded funds have emerged making it possible for family offices and wealth individuals to invest. A prime example of this is the i2 Storj SPV which raised capital from 30 high net worth investors totaling $2.4 million.

The offering is provided by New York hedge fund Iterative Instinct Management who specialize in blockchain companies.


The capital raised by Iterative was invested in initial coin offerings or ICO as it is known. This is a new vehicle that allows companies to raise capital by selling tokens. The money was invested in Storj which is a start up technology company. It uses individuals companies excess capacity to create an alternative cloud storage.

Storj will be in competition against giants Microsoft and Amazon.

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The 150 percent increase in bitcoin this year and 26-fold surge in the price of ethereum has attracted a whole new swath of investors to the cryptocurrency market. Big institutions like endowments and pension funds are still on the sidelines as they try to assess how to approach this […]

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