You are currently viewing Data Shows Bitcoin in 10 Years Could Be Worth $619,047
Data Shows Bitcoin in 10 Years Could Be Worth $619,047


How Much Will Bitcoin Be Worth In 10 Year

Bitcoin and the Blockchain has survived everything been thrown at it including the kitchen sink. It has proved without doubt that it is here to stay after surviving exchange crashes, regulations, cyber attacks, hard folks and more. With the price surging after passing its left test of the Blockchain alterations.

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It is has now shown investors that it is a safe bet and the money has rolled in since. All of the mainstream BTC price estimate has been completely wrong. Most were laughing at the fact that it could ever be worth more than gold.


Now this new digital asset is providing extraordinary returns and there looks to be no stopping it.

Bitcoin Is A Bubble

One of the most common statements about BTC from investors that do not fully understand how the Blockchain or Cyryptocurrencies work is that it is a bubble. There have been many bubbles in the past so it is understandable why they think this. One of the more recent has the NASDAQ tech crash that saw a staggering 78% knocked of the value of companies. This was over a 30 month period which ended back in 2012.

NASDAQ Tech Crash 2002

NASDAQ tech crash

As you can see from the above data that 78% was wiped out and it is still in the memory of those investors that got badly stung by investing. However, if they had continued to hold out they would be seeing a 26% increase from its peek and a 486% increase from its bottom.

Bitcoins 10 Year Value

With only 21 million Bitcoins ever been made over the next 10 years it will see the price sky-rocket once the mining stops. If the demand for BTC increased 4% per year globally it would give it a valuation of $619,047.


To find out how this sum is calculated visit the Forbes newspaper by clicking the link below.

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