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The Price of Bitcoin Cash seems to have settled at around the $500 after the first sell off after the hard folk created the new cryptocurrency. There are some key advantages this new crypto coin has over its creator and many are deciding now is a good time to start cloud mining Bitcoin Cash as they feel that it may even become more popular. The reason for this is that the difficulty has dropped dramatically by more than 50% which means that it is now more profitable by around 2% to mine BCC compared with BTC.

Another key advantage is that Bitcoin cash has lower transaction fees which is making a much difference. If this trend continues more people will make the shift to BCC and not BTC. Watch live Bitcoin cloud mining by clicking the below banner:
Bitcoin Cash Mining

Bitcoin cash’s surge above $500 today is changing more than just the net worth of its investors and users. The rising price is also creating the incentive for miners to dedicate computing power to the bitcoin cash blockchain, one that could find them moving away from bitcoin. With […]

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