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FairPoker Casino Promos Review & Rating

FairPoker Review

FairPoker is a bitcoin gambling website that is quickly gaining trust among bitcoin casino enthusiasts. Having been in operation a little over a year (It was launched in May 2019), Fair.Poker is one of a kind Bitcoin-only poker room that follows the decentralized blockchain technology.

Having this connection means that FairPoker is a transparency, safe, and secure gambling platform. Cyberpunk Future Ltd owns and operates Fair Poker. More than that, FairPoker is registered in Costa Rica, which has issued it with a gambling license. To gain more knowledge of where and how the gambling platform functions, let us dive in and understand why punters are taking to it like a duck to water!

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The Gaming Experience

The instance you open up the FairPoker site, you get presented with a retro-futuristic design that gives you the nostalgia of the 1980s science-fiction films. But don’t be fooled, looks are not the only outstanding feature. The website is made and intuitive and inviting.

Once you start browsing through, you discover that the FairPoker platform does all it can to ensure your gaming experience comes second to none. You can easily navigate the site since the developer does what it takes to make it free of any lag. Players can also participate in multiplayer games (9 players per poker table) without experiencing any delay.

Setting Up

After sign up, you get presented with four panels that go far and beyond to define the interactions you’ll have within the platform. These include; Game Stats, Wallet, Deposits, and Withdrawals. Remember, you cannot use any fiat or digital currency other than Bitcoin on FairPoker. With only one currency use, it’s easy to deposit your wager, enter the lobby, get a table, and try out your hand!

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

Because you’re gambling on a blockchain-based platform, you don’t have to share your details. The registering process is fast and easy and only takes a minute or less. Let’s look at their exciting offers.

Fair Poker Free Bonus

Fair Poker Promos

Some of the outstanding promotions running on FairPoker today include Rakeback: Gamers stand to gain upwards of 40% with this offer. It’s been built to work like a loyalty program that is straightforward and simple. Punters earn 40% cashback of the amounts they wager and lose each day.

Affiliate Program: FairPoker offers all signees a chance to participate in the affiliate program. You are also welcome, even if you don’t fancy playing. As an affiliate, you gain a certain percentage of amounts your referrals spend on the gambling floor.

The commissions you receive are pegged on the amounts your referrals spend within 28 days of playing. The more your referrals spend on FairPoker, the higher the commissions you earn. The largest amount you can receive is 50% for the affiliate offer.

Telegram Offer: If you choose to join this platform, you connect with other FairPoker enthusiasts who organize poker games, give you direct access to launched promotions and interact freely with the community.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

Fair Poker Free Bonus 2022

For players that wish to profit from the $5 no-deposit bonus, they need to join the Fair Poker Telegram group and display their username. Once the amount hits your account, you get notified. Fortunately, you get to claim the bonus within the first fourteen days of registering on the FairPoker platform.

The downside is, gamers that leave their accounts dormant for a straight 28 days get them terminated. You forfeit the bonus too. Moreover, if you claim the non-deposit bonus, you will lose the ability to withdraw any amounts from your account until you rake in twice the bonus value. Again, you are prohibited from accessing any funds in your account until you deposit 500 + bits.

You should note that collecting the bonus means that you can’t take part in poker games that demand limits that are higher than ½ bit. In essence, punters are required to either deposit an amount higher than $5 or generate the bonus value they earned.

Adding to the non-deposit bonus, FairPoker allows players to participate in the affiliate program. Other than profiting from the Rakeback percentage, you collect upwards of 70% of commissions after introducing others to the FairPoker casino. Such incentives, when accumulated, help you withdraw a tidy sum, something that will put a smile on your face!

Gaming Options

FairPoker’s unique tables concentrate more on no-limit Texas Hold’em games. If you fancy such kind of playing, you’ll feel right at home at FairPoker Casino. Here, you’ll have the opportune chance to choose between tables of two to nine players. Moreover, the platform comes with a variety of specialized settings that have been put in place to make your gaming experience much better.

When you think about it, online poker has never been this easy. Gamers have a free platform where they can freely select the number of players per table, set the number of stakes, and blinds.

They also get to set both the maximum and minimum buy-in amount and finally set the gaming speed they’re most comfortable with. To make the experience better for punters, FairPoker casino is always being continuously developed.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

As it is today (one year later), the platform is yet to introduce any tournaments, and players only participate in individual games.

Security Features

FairPoker stands out from the competition thanks to its constant use of encryption. Such measures ensure gamers get a provably fair playing field. Only you (the punter) gets to control the cards you play.

Such activity ensures that all possible interferences are eliminated. You get a unique key to shuffle and unlock the cards you play with. FairPoker website presents users with set instructions capturing general and technical explanations in detail. They detail how the system works and how to get the best of it.

Customer Service

FairPoker has heavily invested in this bitcoin-based casino. Punters are guaranteed around the clock customer support through email and Twitter. There is a Telegram group that users can join for support and interact with other users. The same can be used for arranging poker games, seeking advice, receiving tips, and much more.

Deposits And Withdrawals

As a crypto casino platform, Fair Poker is the only way you can deposit or withdraw funds is through bitcoin. Perhaps in the future, FairPoker may allow players to make deposits and withdrawals through other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you love playing poker online, you must try playing at Fair.Poker as it is the next generation of gambling platforms for this traditional casino game. It uses decentralized blockchain technology to provide levels of trust, security, and greater player bonuses which can not be found at real money poker sites. The FairPoker promos are limited but by providing a 40% Rakeback reward, it more than compensations for the lack of other promotions.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

Fair Poker FAQ

Is Fair Poker legit?

Fair Poker is a legit online casino that is owned and run by Cyberpunk Future Ltd. The platforms hold gambling licenses issued by the Costa Rica gaming authority.

Should I play at Fair Poker Casino?

If you enjoy playing Poker the FairPoker website is an exceptional platform that you should check out. It holds many advantages over traditional platforms and provides players with complete trust and transparency.

Is Fair Poker Casino safe?

Yes, Fair Poker is one of the safest gambling platforms you will find due to using the blockchain to provide the ultimate in security. It is also licensed and has excellent support.


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