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Why The Bitcoin Gambling Industry Is Successful Around The World
Why The Bitcoin Gambling Industry Is Successful Around The World

The Bitcoin Gambling Industry

Gambling embraced Bitcoin and now you can place bets no matter where you are based in the world. There are many BTC casinos to choose from which offer superior options for players so it is no surprise why they are becoming extremely successful. Below are some of the main reasons why this phenomenon is taking off and why it will eventually become mainstream in the gambling industry.

Player Anonymity

It can cause a lot of problems having gambling transactions showing up on your bank statement, especially if you want to get finance in the future. With Bitcoin Gambling sites your details stay private so you avoid this problem.

Easy Signup Process

Due to the security of the Blockchain the requirements of personal details are not relevant with BTC gambling websites. All you need to to enter your email address and password to signup. You can then deposit using a special Bitcoin address and the process takes minutes not hours.

Zero Transaction Costs

One way that traditional casinos make money is by adding extra fees on top of the charges to deposit and withdraw using a bank card. With Bitcoin you do not have any costs associated with deposits of withdrawals so it means that you will make more money by switching to cryptocurrency gambling.

Bitcoin casinos started being successful in 2012. The 1 st ​ most successful casino was Satoshi Dice, ​ which is a simple site that offers gamblers access to various dice rolling games. This surprising success sets precedent for the gambling industry. Since then, several similar casinos have been established […]

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