Bitcoin Price Volatility And Gambling
Bitcoin Price Volatility And Gambling

Bitcoin Price Volatility

Why does a person gamble? There are many reasons. To earn money by treating it as a profession, studying all the data the odds and making judgments to be one step ahead and have that winning edge. Entertainment, there are now so many different games both easy and challenging and being involved stimulates and excites much more than just sitting or watching tv and not exercising your brain.

So why use BitCoin against any other currency is it not volatile and unsafe. Do you really know how much it is worth in value against other currencies? The answer is yes it has been volatile at times same as any other currency but you must weigh up all the facts as does a professional gambler. Let’s look at some statistics and facts that are undeniable and easy to check.

In July 2010 1 BTC was worth $0.08 This was when it was first introduced. 1 BitCoin now as of July 2017 is worth $2,450 unbelievable but true. Currency loses on average 3% per year in value so unless your wages go up by more than this your standard of living falls.

Bitcoin Volatility

World events have affected the BitCoin as they do the value of any currency If you look at the day Donald Trump was elected President of the United States BitCoin rose in value by 5% which shows people with knowledge know when to invest in them a safe bet.

The BTC has become much more stable than when first introduced and as its use has increased and accepted then the stability can only increase as will the value.

Once again you must weigh up the advantages of using Bitcoin to gamble.It is Global and has no restrictions. Free and instant deposits of any amount 24/7 No banking or transfer fees. Easier to avoid legal restrictions and taxation. Compare all the advantages and disadvantages and I know which I would consider the best currency to use.

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