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Is Bitcoin Better For Online Gambling


Gambling With Bitcoin Online

The introduction of the internet changed the gambling industry for ever. The industry used to be seen as something shady and unhealthy. The betting shops were places that sad men went into spending the family budget and addicted in the worst way possible. Mostly untrue but they have never been places that encouraged a happy social environment.

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Live horse racing was less frowned on and constituted a good day out. It is thought of as the sport of kings. Even her majesty likes horse racing so it gives it an air of respectability. Indeed gambling or betting has been going on since man could walk.

The birth of the internet changed everything and now more money is spent online gambling than any other forms of betting. The games at first were simple and followed the type of games played in casinos anywhere in the world.

However, with the advent of Bitcoin, we have now entered a new era in online gambling. Transactions using BTC are anonymous which brought into play a new generation of people who wish to gamble without the necessity of paying transfer fees to banks. They want a platform they can enjoy some major advancements in technology.

These were introduced by the major sites to catch new customers by giving them a new lifelike experience. There are now hundreds of games and variations of the most popular ones and more are being added every day.

Cryptocurrency Gambling

The industry realized that cryptocurrency gambling had so many advantages over other currencies. It was worth investing in and have casinos now that readily accept Bitcoin and promote them as much as they can.

One of the main reasons they are favored is because being a digital currency there is no third party like a bank involved. It means there are no charges for transactions, unlike a normal currency. Also, the transaction is virtually instant which puts your mind at rest knowing you receive your just deserts instantly. Otherwise you are waiting for bank transfers and the charges incurred.

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There are a growing number of people who look to invest by purchasing Bitcoin. Its value has tripled over the past year. Although it is possible that being something relatively new it could decrease as well. We can only go by our own judgment as we do when we place any bet.

Overall casinos have put a lot of money and effort into making Bitcoin casinos commonplace. They wouldn’t do this if they were not convinced it was the best market for growth and until you try you will never know.