Reasons Why The Price Of Bitcoin Is Not Still Skyrocketing
Reasons Why The Price Of Bitcoin Is Not Still Skyrocketing
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Bitcoin Price Signalling

After skyrocketing in value at the end of 2017 before a huge pull back, many investors can not work out if now is a good time to buy Bitcoin or not. There are many different factors that are driving the price with one of the main areas been regulation.

Most of the worlds Bitcoin trades are executed in South Korea and with the Government looking to regulated cryptocurrrencies, this has greatly affected the price. If you are looking for BTC price signalling you need to pay close attention to what is happening here. Good news will drive the value back towards the $20,000 bracket and further bad news could see a pull back to around the $5,000.

To read the latest updates on South Korea and China cryptocurrency, read the article below from the Independent.

Bitcoin ’s price tumbled this week, as it emerged that people could be banned from trading the cryptocurrency in various countries around the world. South Korea was among the countries whose government has been signalling that it plans to crack down on cryptocurrency trading. Earlier this week, the country’s […]

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