You are currently viewing Safe Dice Bonus Codes – FreeRolls Coupons December 2021
Safe Dice Bonus Codes – FreeRolls Coupons December 2021

Safe Dice No Deposit Bonus

The dice game has one of the lowest house edges you will find set at a variable 0.5% rate. Due to this, you will not find any Safe Dice bonus codes or coupons to redeem in December 2021 as all of the efforts of the developer has been to develop a platform with one of the best chances for players to win. It means that there is no margin left to provide players with bonuses such as freerolls no deposit or faucets.

While you will not find any SafeDice promo code December 2021 offers or VIP programs, you have to ask yourself, which is better? A free no deposit promotion and a higher house edge or no promotions at all with an ultra-low house edge.

Your chances will depend on your betting strategy along with a budget to implement it but if you are after free giveaways is not the website for you.

Strictly 18+ ONLY. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsibly. Sponsored.

Refer A Friend Program

The only way to make a free bitcoin bonus at without depositing is by taking part in the refer a friend program. It works by sharing a unique link that is associated with your profile and when someone joins along with places bets, you will receive a 0.01% profit.

While this is not a high amount, you make it for each bet made so once accumulated lots of referrals you will have a nice off-hand income stream coming in.

Safe Dice Investment Option

One thing that makes the website so special is its dice investment option. It gives all players a chance to bankroll the platform and enjoy profits from the house edge. This is only possible due to blockchain technology and this type of community ownership is creating a new dimension in the world of gambling.

There are different options of risks to choose from so make sure you read the terms and conditions first before depositing BTC into the program.

Safe Dice Free Bonus

One of the possible ways to get a free bonus from Safe Dice is by taking part in the chat community which can be located on the home page. Players are often rewarded with free crypto to gamble with by chatting so it may be worth your while posting a few posts to see if you get anything back. It is not guaranteed, however, so you may spend a lot of time talking with no reward.

Safe Dice No Deposit Bonus

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

House Edge Rates

The main reason to play at is because of the house edge. It is on a variable rate which is influenced by the total amount bet. If, for instance, a play bets more than 0.25% of the total bankroll it will trigger an increased house edge.

It will not affect many players as only high rolls will bet such high amounts so most will enjoy the default rate of 0.5%.

Final Thoughts

It is fast and simple to place a bet on the dice game at SafeDice and you can even play anonymously so this is great if you’re in a country that has gambling restrictions in place. It will not take long though to get bored of the game as the gameplay is so limited along with graphics and choices.

SafeDice is a good single blockchain game with an investment opportunity which is what makes it different from your normal online casino.

SafeDice FAQ

Is Safe Dice any good?

Safe Dice is a good blockchain game but is very limited in other options. It offers a way for gamblers to enjoy an ultra-low house edge along with investment possibilities.

Can anyone play at Safe Dice?

Yes, Safe Dice is a decentralized blockchain gaming platform where anyone can privately bet bitcoin or monero.

Is Safe Dice beatable?

There is no guarantee of beating Safe Dice but the house investment opportunity presents a chance of gamblers sharing in profits which is the best way to come out on top when gambling.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.


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