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Bitcoin Currency

One of the most fascinating journeys of the 21st century is the rise of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. It may have started off as a novel idea but it has grown into one of the worlds leading currencies and now ha a market cap of over 40 billion. The secretive inventor of the Blockchain Satoshi Nakamato adds to the mysterious of this amazing decentralised digital currency.

2017 so far has been a fantastic year for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. It is a bull market and investors all over the globe are investing in this new technology. It is a must have hedge against the banking system and traditional currency collapse which is why many are seeing it as a safe heaven investment. Gold will always be seen as the safest investment to hedge against financial crisis but digital currency is in a close second place. The returns are far outpacing any other asset class in the world and have done so now for three years.

If the trend of adoption continues along with legislation brought in by countries to make it legal tender such as Japan has recently done, it has a chance of becoming the world’s number one currency. With the banking system in melt down, countries on the verge of bankruptcy and a derivatives bubble that once pops will bring the world to its knees, the smart money is preparing by buying and holding cryptocurrency.

Never before has it been so easy and cheap to send money anywhere in the world within minutes at almost no cost. The banks have had it all their own way by charging ridiculous fees for people to simple transfer electronically their own money overseas. I am a digital NOMAD and every time I used an ATM I get charge $5 plus extortionate money exchange rates. With BTC I cut all of these costs and I can not wait for the day where it is at the point where I can move away from traditional currency to use crypto.

Every month more and more businesses are implementing a Bitcoin payment system and within the space of a few years it is conceivable that most multi-national conglomerates will make the switch to cryptocurrency as it will increase their bottom line along with efficiency. Read more about Bitcoin becoming the world’s number one currency at Troy Media by clicking the link below:

In a short space of time bitcoin has gone from being a novel idea thought up by a mysterious character named Satoshi Nakamato to a worldwide phenomenon used in 131 countries across the globe. It reached an all-time trading high of $2,000 earlier this year, and continues to make […]

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