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Fun Facts About Bitcoin Gambling Online


Bitcoin Gambling Online

To be successful at Bitcoin Gambling Online it is important to know all the facts along with figures for the BTC game you enjoy playing most. As well as getting a full understand on the different games along with best strategies.

You will also need to familiarize yourself with the different Bitcoin Casino bonuses on offer.

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It can be a little boring learning about the facts but if you want to profit big when playing Bitcoin games online you will need to do your research. There are many pitfalls that you need to avoid along with great strategies for increasing your bankroll and reducing financial risks.

Below we going into details on a number of fun facts that you should know before you play at Bitcoin Gambling sites online. It will help you appreciate the casino world and give you an insight into the industry.

First Online Casino Launch

In the year 1994 one of the first casinos to open its doors online to the world was the Gaming Club. To start with there were only a few basic table and slots games available. It has grown rapidly over the years and has greater than 500 different games available and is popular all around the globe.

Gambling In The U.S

Online gambling in The U.S. has boomed but back in 2006, it was under the spotlight from regulators. A new act called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement was introduced which has a big impact on the industry. Many companies had to move to different jurisdictions or face closure.

Strictly 18+ Only. Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Gamble Responsible. Sponsored.

State Owned Casinos

There are a number of states that run online casinos. The profits that they make are used to pay for different public projects. It is not the first time something like this has to happen as gambling has a long history of funding public projects.

One of the world’s wonders the Great Wall Of China was partly paid for by Keno which is a lottery style game.

Illegal Gambling In The U.S

It is estimated that around 24% of Americans have at some point gambled illicitly. Many of these transactions carried out online.

Amount Of Hands Available In One Deck

Bitcoin Live Casinos use a standard deck of playing cards which contain 52 different cards. There is a total of 2,598,960 different combinations of hands for five cards.

The Four Suits Playing Card

The four different suits found in playing cards came about due to the games French roots during the Ancient Regime when it was ruled by royalty. The Spaces originally were swords, the diamonds originally were coins and the hearts originally were cups.

Fortune Telling

As well as playing cards been used for gambling games they are also used by fortune tellers and have done since the turn of the 16th century.

The Devil’s Game

Roulette is still one of the most popular games and the BTC version is no different. Did you know though that when you add up all of the numbers on the wheel it adds up to a total of 666?

It is the number for the Devil hence why is it know by this name.

Blue Chip Company

The different chips used by casinos for table and card games. They are white, red along with blue colors. The term blue chip companies came about due to the blue chips been worth the greatest amount of money.

44 Million Bingo Wins

The game of Bingo can be won in a staggering 44 million alternative ways for 90 ball games. It is also the largest growing community for gambling online.

Bitcoin Gambling Online 2021

It is estimated that around 45% of all Bitcoin transactions are gambling related. It is a large reason why it is so successful is because of online gambling.

Slots Growth

The online slots industry is about to surpass $500 billion in revenue. Bitcoin Slots now account for a 10% market share which is growing each year.


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